The Theory of Relativity explained for dummies with cartoons ! Follow the class !!



                  In between, i really saw that

So general relativity describes how any massive object, such as the Sun, produces gravity by bending space and time around it. Everything in that space is also bent: even rays of light, and these get deflected. Light doesn't always travel in straight lines as i showed you before. GENIUS !!!!!


You want more?

Waaa waaaa waaa ! I know it's a crazy theory but it's SO brillant ! Einstein is definitely a genius. I had to try to explain to you! I hope i've been clear and i hope any fan of star wars or scientists are gonna kick me ;p
While drawing this cartoon, i really realised why many scientists are also somehow artists. I think to have such an idea, as Einstein did with his Theory of Relativity, you don't only need the 'technical' brain. You probably need first the understanding and the sensitivity of the world around you. Anyway, lets get back to earth.
  • Usain Bolt really dilated the time ! YEAHHH! A video right here
  • Neutrino fiasco ! Some scientists questioned this year Einstein's theory, which agitated everyone with +10 years studies in Science. A part of his theory was that some particules can travel faster than light so would prove Einstein wrong in the rest of his theory. Article here. But we don't know anything travelling faster than light in the universe so THEY were proven to be wrong. You can read here and here
  • How a scientist, Arthur Eddington, demonstrated that Einstein was right about his Theory of Relativity during the eclipse of 1919? Everything right here! Very nice page.
  • The history of the speed of the light for dummies ! Actually, measures started way before the two scientists i mentionned, Michelson and Morley, but their point there was the constancy of the light. Actually,  the extent to which the null result of the Michelson–Morley experiment influenced Einstein, is disputed. But in any case, the null result of the Michelson–Morley experiment helped the notion of the constancy of the speed of light gain widespread and rapid acceptance.
  • Of course with spacetime curvature, Einstein furthered our understanding of gravity, but the basic non-relativistic principles of gravity, enough to understand why the planets do not move on straight lines, were found very much earlier by people like Kepler
  • Stephen Hawking, is a very famous astrophicist who wrote a scientific bestseller called "A brief history of Time'. If you are interested in astrophysic and all this crazy stuff, even if you don't know a single drop in physic, its a good book to start. 
  •  And when you hear about blackhole, here is the stuff. The theory is when the life of the star ends, it falls in his own gravitationnal hole (the spacetime curvation), as you saw on my drawing. And this is what we call blackhole ! After, i invite you read more cause im not Stephen Hawking
And about this famous sentence said to be quoted by Einstein :
'What is relativity? well, if you sit beside a beautiful girl for one hour, it feels like a second. But if you burn yourself a second, feels like an hour"
Never found a serious source for it ! But sounds right to me :)

Yeah yeah! i'm gonna do like in the movie now !!!! i dreamt about this moment for so loooOOooOong! ;p
Special thanks to my new phycisits friends in the International Tic Lab reviewing my cartoons at the end (with excellent comments), and encourage me to keep this insane crazy Science class : 
Laura (Australia), Simon (England) and Richard (Germany).
And also, big thumbs up to my personnal english ass-kicker, Sam!
So if something is wrong, it's because of me !!! 


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Awesome.. I am the next one to get nobel prize now :)

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Me too !

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Albert Einstein would have loved to read this blog!!!

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love your nice explanations and drawings!
keep them coming :)

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Now i got what Einstein actually did! :D

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After all this and more, I think I am in love with you.

hotscot said...

How come Einstein gravity only works in one plane like on a rubber sheet? How many rubber sheets are needed to cover an entire sphere, so that any missile from any direction can orbit or get drawn into say the earth?
Trouble is he uses gravity to explain gravity -- you know the dimple formed by the weight of the body on the rubber sheet.

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I must not be a dummie.... I have no clue what you just illustrated... 2nd attempt in 2 weeks to get this relativity stuff relatively clear to me.... Jeff [usvi]

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You are awesome :) and kind of addictive I guess ♥♥♥