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The story of Paricutin's volcano is incredible ! I can't imagine the faces of the peasants as the volcano was growing in their field. You can read more about it here and an other link here ! Of course, you can visit the volcanoe these days and it's a highlight of the region.
  • Ball Lightning is really awesome nature's oddee but it's still a mystery, you can read more here. The fact that this phenomenon is rare, happens fast and without the eye of experts make it a little bit mysterious. Pictures over here !You can as well check this short video and many can be found on YT! So far, it seems that scientists could reproduce the effect in laboratory these days but are still not sure how it occurs. Some researchers lately even claim that it could be a brain illusion ! Article right here, right now!
  • True story ! PLASTIC SUCKS!  28.000 rubber duckies fell off a cargo and are still travellin the world these day. Positive point, one oceanographer who models ocean current and all this crazy stuff decided to follow them ! They are officially call among the Friendly Floatees !
  • Bioluminescence is really awesOoooOOome stuff and i had the chance to see it many times at sea while sailing ! and swiim with it ! To get your own idea, check this out ! You can also see it on the beach, but usually the light occurs as the water is moving ! Check this out, even this one ! But i also enjoyed it very much in New-Zealand and other places. Just swim at night or use a dinghi and you will have so much fun. As well, a lot of creature, as i mentionned, produce light (mushrooms, fishs and more). You can check sea animals with bioluminescence right here. I've seen gloaming worms in forest at night, it was U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E (though, i don't like too much walking in the forest during the night!)
  • Everything about the green flash here and pictures over here ! I found this page which collected legends about it as well, pretty fun.
  • Moonbow is an awesome phenomenon that i had the chance to see several times when i used to live in Hawai. It seems that you can only see in few places in the world, especially in U.S.A. Thanks to Justin Sullivan for his awesome pic (website right here)
  • Yes, this dude is twitting from space as i mentionned in a previous cartoon ! Thanks Andre !
  • Mmm yeah, wi-fi on your ass is a reality ! Hahaha


Anonymous said...

Moonbow...Mambo...stupid joke. I like it :)

Dk Nayak said...

your cartoon picture so good i like it but topic most be crazy...

Dk Nayak said...

your cartoon picture so good i like it but topic must be crazy...