Hum, this really happened to me in an Onsen..
Hum, this happened to me too..
   You're crazy or what!? i'm not gonna draw the airport on water in Kansai!!!


You want more?
First of all, the cartoon only gives a blink about this country ! Japan is definitely a mad place ! But so much fun ! I had a blast while travelling there, but i really do think it takes some time actually to perceive the crazyness of Japan. Cause of course you will be striken by the 'in your face' obvious-crazy-busy-funny atmosphere of the place. But it takes some time on the other hand to talk the the locals and understand their mentality.
And i think this is where, you fucking realize how their culture is different from yours and get kind of electrocuted by this 'cultural' slap! 

I think Japan is not that fun also at some points (culture of conformity and sacrifice, intense social pressure and high suicide rate, female poverty, natural disasters, strange 'race' ideas,  etc) but in any case, Japan is definitely a special place!

  • Yep, in the very modern toilet of Japan, you can have a remote control to choose what kind of 'flush' you want and more terrifying stuff as on this list! But it's quite common. Here some crazy signs i've seen in the public toilets as well 
  • Picture of the highway in the building! MAD!
  • Videos of human bowling or human tetris ! This is so much fun
  • Yeah, they really have DIET WATER. I mean....????
  • A list of weird japonese food and drinks . In restaurant, they really display plastic dishes for you to make up your mind about what you will choose ! picture over here!
  • Yeah, japonese walk in the street with helmet and mask...children too on their way to school! It is pretty common to see that in Japan. A nice short video commented here!
  • The Tokyo Skytree is one of the last urban excitatement of Japonese and is the start of a future mega complex (if i understood well!). The Kansai airport is a mad stuff, check here
  • To give you an idea about Tourism in Japan, France received 80 millions visitors for 70 millions inhabitants per year (+/-). In the meanwhile, Japan host 8 millions visitors for 130 millions inhabitants. I think people are shit scared of the price in Japan and don't dare. Personnaly, it cost me much more to travel in Australia than in Japan in 2010. For informations over here
  • A list of funny stuff in Japan. Completly unreal skirts as well (wtf?!)
  • You can as well browse among japonese adds, some are really silly but hilarious.Check Arnold !
  • About the tradition of Onsens with pics and comments about the tatoo problem
  • Picture of monkey bathing in one of these outdoor natural hot springs
  • Picture of people sleeping in the subway, so typical!
  • Sometimes in Japan, fiction becomes reality!
  • Some MELON  reach +100$, and sometimes even more !


Anonymous said...

Very nice cartoon !

Anonymous said...

my favorite cartoon for now...sister ;) !! :D
anonymous :D

Gwendal Denis said...

J'avais déjà envie d'y aller, mais là, la maitresse elle m'a convaincu !

Anonymous said...

Getting always better and better Mela!

Canary Movie Reviews said...

So true! There are well more than 10 baffling things about Japan, so you can do many more cartoons in the future.

Anonymous said...

On peut même y visiter Nara, Kyoto, voir une pièce du théâtre de Nô, prendre un verre avec une Geisha, faire une croisière sur la mer Intérieure, et trouver des jeunes élégantes excentriques qui se cachent du soleil levant et qui parlent un bon anglais

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Jeffrey Eide said...

Spot on! I lived in Japan as a teen, and this is such a great summary. Looking forward to the next!

Anonymous said...

Sorry but last time I checked in English the Japanese learnt to speak English with an accent now we have to write Japan or Japanese correctly. Check for spelling mistakes although I love the humour!

Anonymous said...

It started out slow, and the whole "let's find a way to escape" by the kids was pretty lame. I would have left that out. Otherwise it picked up and got a lot better. Some grammar mistakes that confused me, the reader, but over all I would say well done. It takes a good deal to write a cartoon that is quick and clever. Keep up the good work.

MELA said...

Which mistakes are confusing? thaaaaaaaaanks

Abhishek said...

brilliant observance.

Loved the whole creativity and presentation!


sat sangat k. said...

nice cartoon, thanks :)

Nyasha said...

Some good advice on where to visit in Japan. A cute cartoon indeed, did you make it? I have not been to an onsen and need to when I go Japan again.

By the way, I have my own blog which focuses on Asian culture and entertainment and I wonder if it is possible for you to view it and tell me what you think about my blog:

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