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  • Yes, Sylvester Stallone's mama is REALLY a RUMPOLOG, art which consist to read in your ass litteraly. You can read more about this 'science' right here! Or you can click here and order a total rumpology report of yours for 600$ (don't forget to send her a picture of your butt). Browse the website, its pretty funny...especially when she put a picture of a 'action movie hero butt'....
  • Frank Stallone, double of Sly, is a very famous american singer-composer-interpreter. Click here to get more info about him, or you can visit his official website. And you can watch if you are courageous enough the video clip of 'far from over' he composed for STAYING ALIVE (actually, he wrote a lot of music for his brother's movies)
  • Of course i didnt lie !! Sylvester Stallone really directed 'Staying Alive'. He even did a cameo
  • Some stories behind Cliffhanger or Daylight
  • Official website of Expandable 2 with trailers and more right here
  • One of his kids Sage Stallone (yeah, he got 5 kids), appeared in two of his movies and recently died.
  • With RAMBO's series, Sylvester Stallone shows to the US audience in which wars they were involved and why (Laos, Afghanistan, Burma). Before Rambo III, most of the americans didnt know communists were in Afghanistan.And recently, Rambo IV lighted up the real problem of dictature in Burma on a worldwide scale. Right here, you can read about how the crew witnessed 'atrocities' at he border of Burma while they were shooting the movie (the movie was shot just next door in Thailand, for security reasons). I dont think Sylvester is as dumb as people think (ok im a fan too). Here SS is calling for democracy in Burma : " I wanted to do something, realistic, political and responsible. No many people know about Burma, even the civil war long since 60 years"
  • One horrible fact, Burma has the world's highest number of child soldier
  • For the fans, Inside The Actors Studio with SLYYYYYYY


Anonymous said...

Love it again! epic stories and such a nice sense of humor ! About Sylvester's mum, whaou.........scary!!!

MELA said...

THANKS A LOT ANONYMOUS ! Yeah, i was also pretty scared the day i came to know about that but hum....the good point is how much fun people are in their beliefs!

Unknown said...

Wow i like that crazy history teach me a lot about RAMBO how i called him all times. Great work and faster than wiki.

Akil Bunglowala said...

Mélanie you're funny. ^^

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