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  • First of all, this myth is very viral and it's unbelievable how many people believe it (even myself i used to until few years ago). You hear it everywhere (TV, Cinema, Book etc.) but unfortunately, it's not true. You can check yourself, scientists never claimed such a thing. There are hundreds of articles on internet but you can check this one or this one for instance.
  • I forgot to add that even though the brain represents between 3 and 5% of the body mass, it consumes 20% of our i bet its working pretty much ;p
  • One post about this kind of dude who probably watched too much Twilight
  • An article about how such a scandalous community as Scientology use it to credit their work
  • About the cat experience
  • Neuroplasticity is quite fascinating. The cells doing the job for other cells. You can read over here or watch a documentary about it here
  • An article about the real guilty party of this myth ! the glial cells.
  • You dont know Uri Geller? Here is a video about what he calls abilities of bending different ustensils. I know myself people who does this trick and this is magic, nothing who comes from your 'brain' (!!!)
  • Derren Brown on the other hand is really interesting. There are a lot of differents videos about him but i post you the one about the chess, which is pretty fun. He is considered as one of the best mentalist and try to beware people about the manipulation of those 'charlatans' who try to make you believe the impossible. Look at his mindtricks, it's pretty unreal sometimes ! But it's nothing paranormal. If you train, you can do it too. Here, Derren Brown video about how 'he can read mind'.
  • I invite you to read about NLP, a lot of mentalist use it in their work.
  • I understood while i was doing this cartoon than the topic is sensible. Because even if i was telling the informations i heard (by reading and by the neurologists), people keep telling me that the brain has certainly a huge capacity that we don't explore. Like what, we would be some kind of superhero? The fact is that you can train your brain but obvioulsy not create the chaos from it. About seeing in the future or this kind of stuff, well i don't think it will come FROM the brain anyway
  • I would like to thanks the neurologist from Mysore who gives me some of his time on a sunday to clear up this mess
ANYWAY, SO MANY THINGS TO SAY ! Don't hesitate to leave your comments ! and actually, it seems that you can mesure your brain capacity in gigabytes.....over here!

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