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First of all, i know i have written A LOT but i don't wanna any kind of scientists kicking my ass because it's not accurate (yep, scientists are extremly offendable! :p but anyway, i expect some to do so !) 
Northern lights is a complex phenomena which i tried to explain as clearly as possible :) I used to be a 'northern light' hunter actually in the artic circle in a parallel life (after being a news journalist hum!). I met great people from all over the artic continent, and some stories were given to me by some friends from Greenland. If you never been there, just go. It's fantastic place full of stories!
  •  What northern lights looks like in real? Two amazing pictures from earth and from space
  • You can check here the weather forecast about the solar activity (bigger it is, more you have chance to see them). Very good website i used to follow when i lived in the artic circle in Norway (some crazy time!)
  • Here is a biography of Kristian Bierkeland, a picture of this Terrela, and the 200kr bill in Norway
  • On my drawings, you can see on the south and north pole this. It's called the northern light belt
  • Some legends about the northern lights here or there
  • Otherwise, you can also check this video which will explain to you how it works as well
  • A video of the midnight sun for you to have an idea about how it looks like
  • When i lived in the polar circle for a year and a half, i've seen only once this kind of northern light (which is pretty amazing but not so easy to spot)
  •  The colors of the particules of nitrogen and oxygen could be as well a little bit different as well as blue (please don't scream if you are a scientist!) BUT their main color are those ones. One article here to complete this point and this one for those who understand the crazy langage of scientists !
  • Anyway, i totally recommend you to go up north and see this phenoma once in your life, it's completly stunning.


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Stop immigration at Antarctica!!!

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This is fantastic, I love the art style :)

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Another fun "lecture"! Keep it up! :)

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Thank you. I love it.

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