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  • I just checked with chinese and they can't open my blog because of the firewall in China. It's a way of censure (as you probably heard, you can't access facebook or any websites the gouvernement think to not 'fit' their policy). 
  •  My mistake, chinese people wore ponytail or queue only in the last 400 years but draw it for the fun.
  • At the time of Qin Dynasty, Beijing was not the capitale but Luoyang (to make it clear)
  • A pretty complete page about the great wall of china with photos, maps and history.
  • Here the list of the new 7 wonders of the world and an article criticizing the marketing over it. As i travelled myself pretty much, i'm always amazed about the fees for any monuments related to UNESCO world heritage or anything like that. In Sri-Lanka, i visited a monument for 30 dollars ! (-yes miss,  of course it's expansive ! It's Unesco World Heritage!). But the worst ever is probably Petra in Jordan (80$/1 day). Yeah yeah.
  • UNESCO was not even involved in this campain about the new 7 wonders of the world and as i said, this campain was fund by a wealthy rich swiss-canadian businessman, Bernard Weber
  • A biography of the terrible QUI SHI HUANG!  and his 'terracota army'. You can also see pictures over here. It's such a crazy place seriously, i can't imagine the labor of the people who built it (and those who's been burried alive!)
  • An article about how tourism somehow ruins the great wall (but it's the case as well with Petra in Jordania, Macchu Picchu in Peru and more...) 
  • You never heard about the chinese building a highway in Tibet to the base camp of the everest? unbelievable isnt'it? to know more about this hum 'friendship highway', just click here
  • I travelled to Nepal and i know nepalese are pretty pissed about the damage such a road can bring to the environnement (Nepal and Tibet shares Everest from one side and an other)
  • And even the Nasa wrote an article about the myth of seeing the great wall from Space. Over here (and hundreds of article if you google it)  
More info from a very good student :
'The great wall isn't supposed to be impenetrable. It is designed to slow down the movement of invading forces so China prepare its defense and not station millions of soldiers around the border constantly. Second it is effective against the horses, because when horses jump over even a meter height wall as in horse jumping, that is when a rider is in most vulnerable to attacks and injuries. You don't need too many skilled men or weapons and you can defend a cavalry invasion. And old China doesn't just worry about Mongolian, Qin actually worried most about the Tartars and the people who eventually ruled who called themselves Qing". Thanks to Chi


Anonymous said...

Haha. Funny as usual, keep posting!

Sandeep said...

lovely, dont really know much about CHina so intrigued!

btw, unesco world hertige sites in Karnataka are only 250rs for foreigners...5rs for Indians :-)

seph said...

last april 18 was heritage day and we got in for free at the taj mahal in agra.we saved 750 rs for that!

chinese are bullying our little country in the philippines trying to occupy some geographically-apt island to be theirs...

Anonymous said...

yeah, same in africa

Anonymous said...

I confirm. The blog is not readable in China (my friends can't open it)

MELA said...

Yep ! too bad Chinese can't read the blog, maybe i can find an other way to send it to them (by space? haha)

Eva J Sharma said...

Got the link from CS India group. Love you blog and the illustrations!!

Ryan Mach said...

This is cool! Keep it up. You rock!

Anonymous said...


I enjoyed that, I love history :)
Too bad the Chinese can't open it. Unesco world heritage sites also receive money from Unesco to keep the heritage alive, that's why so many countries apply. Ans yes thanks, to the patrimonial days to visit great monuments for free, you had them on 15th and 16th of September in France.