You want more?
  • To draw this cartoon, i allowed myself a little flashback to the 80's and i might say, its quite an insane time of musical History when it comes to pop music especially. For some fun, you can visit this website dedicated to the worst of the 80's (and not only music). Or the top 10 worst songs of the 80's according to the Rolling Stone's magazine (with video clips !). Be ready
  • My favorite worst video.
  • Of course, i will do a cartoon about the role of MAJORS in this mess because i think they are first in this line....
  • Waaa waaa wait a minute all of you fans of HARD ROCK ! The 80's emerged as well very good ROCK bands as Metallica of course but also Guns'n Roses, AC/DC , Wasp, FNM, Maiden etc...I will do a special episode soon so dont be angry at me if you are a heavy metal lover ;p
  • To read some funny lyrics from the 80's, it's over here
  • Here some violent rap lyrics pointed out by the BBC. It's pretty crazy to think some guys like Snoop can sing this kind of stuff.
  • Here is a documentary about crooners.
  • Take a look at the most popular songs on the Radio nowadays
  • A rock'n roll timeline. Starts actually in 1877!
  • A video explaining very shortly and clearly how Justin the prophet became famous
  • Metallica with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, you like it or not but musically speaking, it kicks ass. Or an old-shool one, Master of Puppets. MAKE SOME NOISE !!!!


Hemant said...

Thats why you should move to bollywood

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Super cool

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA, very funny and so true!

Saniv Abhilash Menon said...

Long Live Metallica...
But somebody has to appreciate the young boy "JB" for his hard work... C'mon, I like him.... ;) :D :D :D

Prithvi said...

Hee hee this is so damn true and funny!

Anonymous said...

You love heavy metal? Metallica? Faith no More? Iron Maiden? You are on CS?

Please, marry me!

Jeson Devid said...

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