HOW TO SAVE $400,000?



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This is so crazy that Miss Tic couldn't help to tell you the story guys.
But it doesn't mean that this web comic is a social activist media.
Anyway, there is a lot to say about the danger of Scientology but i leave that to
Anonymous or this organisation.

But here are informations - appart the fact that blabla Tom Cruise blablabla John Travolta ;p
Here it is :
  • Scientology always denied Xenu's material even though proof exists from Hubbard handwriting manuscript and testimony from former scientologists which achieve the level to hear about it. Though in 2009, a spokesman of Scientology confirms it but claimed the confidentiality of it.Anyway, Scientology has been suing anyone trying to talk about it because of their 'copyright' (booo, i'm scared). But how can they sue people about a topic they deny it exist??
  • The fortune of the founder of Scientology - L.Ron Hubbard - was evaluated approximately between  $200 and $400 millions at his death. Difficult to give you a reliable link on the topic, different numbers are to be found on internet.
  • Scientology is either consider as a church in some countries (U.S, Sweden, Spain, South Africa, New-Zealand etc) either a fraud/cult (France, Germany, Belgium, Brasil etc). In U.S.A, the 'church' has as a tax-exempt status because it is considered as a religion even though 70% American don't think it is. (source : Huffington Post). You don't know Scientology status in your country? right here.
  • Former members speak out about Scientology's method and sounds pretty dirty. You can read more about the scary name of one of their branch, the Rehabilitation Project Force or RPF (or how to turn you into a slave if don't behave good and match what they think, no kidding). I remember one day to have read the story of a guy who had to turn around a tree for 6 months and at the end, sue them.
  • Difficult to find a number about the income of Scientology per year worldwide but journalists reported than in one year in England only, its members fuell an annual income of $15 million. (source : Telegraph). But it said that the Church of Scientology counts assets of about $400 million and appears to take in nearly $300 million a year from counseling lees, book sales, investments and other sources, according to documents filed with the Internal Revenue Service
  • Reporter John Sweeney's last TV investigation into the Church of Scientology resulted in an explosive confrontation with church officials. The former head of special Affair - Mike Rinder -  declared in his documentary :"Within the church, people are not able to think for themselves, they are oppressed and abused".
  • On their website, they claim to 'welcome' 4 million new members per year when estimation assume (and even themself!) that the 'church' counts around 10 million members. I mean?????
  • The dailymail in UK reveals that Scientology leader's niece, is about to write a book about her life in the organisation, after she escaped it.  Very often actually, you can read that people 'escape' Scientology, not that they 'leave' it. The son of the funder, L.Ron Hubbard, actually comitted suicide in very bizarre circumstances. You can read more here (Source : wikipedia)
  • A movie realeased in September 2012 based on the life of L.Ron Hubbard (starring Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman) is leading the filmmaker through a lof of pressure from the 'church', The Sun reported.